Rebecca Hansen Weddings is now First Mate!

Change is good.

This is a change that has been coming for a while. For the last year we’ve slowly been transitioning the business to a point where it’s run mostly by Chad. That being the case, I didn’t feel right having my name on it anymore, and thus First Mate was born! We are both so happy with the way things are and hope our clients (old and new) are happy too.

It’s been a year of transition for the Hansens with little Jane coming into our family. We’re so happy she’s here and we love her to pieces. As a mother of two now, I don’t really feel the desire to be at weddings every weekend during the summer, nor is it possible. There are just more important things for me to be doing. I go on to better things and pass most of my torch to Chad! In case you all weren’t aware, he’s been running the show for most of this year, as I said before. That means shooting as well. A good portion of the work you see on this blog was done by Chad. I will still be shooting a lot of weddings this year, but not nearly as many as previous years.

That being said, please head over to our new blog and site and poke around and bid Rebecca Hansen Weddings a fond farewell. See everyone over on First Mate!

Elaine and Josh

A HUGE thanks to KristenKristen Pierson Pierson for being my second shooter at this wedding!


for the somewhat short posts the past few months. This bean is to blame.